Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

OK, I am not a big baseball fan.  I do not understand the strategy (son Mike had to tell me that there was strategy involved in the game!)  Basically I think that it is a long, boring game.  My husband and sons feel differently.  However, I do like Cracker Jacks. [Librarian Note:  I have not figured out how to add the trademark symbol after product names.] They always remind me of my childhood (I bought many a box with my allowance) and baseball because of the song...  My friend Ruth told me about a Chex Cereal recipe that tastes just like Cracker Jacks (except with Chex Cereal in it).  The recipe can be found on the Chex Cereal website and it is called "Chex Carmel Corn".
I've tried several of the Chex recipes and they are pretty good.  Somehow I got roped into providing treats for our monthly staff meetings.  Our principal used to provide treats but I think he got tired of the hassle - which after providing 7 months worth of treats I totally understand.  So, as the staff social person, (committee of one) I got the job.  Always budget-conscious (because I never know how many babies, marriages, retirees, etc. we will have to buy gifts for in a given year) I found purchasing ready-made treats way too expensive.  So now I cook monthly snacks for about 50 hungry staff members.

For tomorrow's staff meeting we are having "Chex School Fuel" for a sweet treat and Parmesian Cheese Popcorn as a savory treat - a staff favorite.  Son Mike introduced me to Parmesian Cheese Popcorn.  You simply sprinkle the cheese onto popped popcorn.  It is really excellent.  Mike adds Tabasco sauce but I pass on that.

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